Geke de Vries

(Pronounced Gay' ka de Frees)

In my weaving I have always been interested in color and texture.  While on a textile tour to India a few years ago, we visited many traditional weaving villages.  As part of every day life, wedding parties walked by with women dressed in elegant colorful saris.  The silk fabrics shimmered as they moved.  I was intrigued – this was an aspect of color I had not given much attention to in my weaving.

This summer I took a class in Echo and Iris weaving in the Netherlands.  By selecting and alternating 4 colors from around the color wheel the fabric creates an iridescent effect.  At home in my studio I have been experimenting with color and Herringbone Twill reversing and changing the length of the repeats.  As the fabric moves it catches the light differently.  It makes the colors shift creating a shimmery iridescent effect.  This was a project for “Etudes”, a fiber art exhibit in the Overture Center running from Dec-Feb 2018.
I continue experimenting with Line Building.  This wet on dry technique creates squiggly lines where colors meet and interact with each other resulting in colorful silk scarves with interesting designs.
Cowls, also called infinity scarves, continue to be popular.  They make a colorful scarf or collar in a jacket and over a sweater.  Longer cowls can wrap around twice.   They are wonderfully soft and will keep you warm in our cold Wisconsin winters.  They are also great gifts.
This year I taught two Beginning Weaving classes in my home studio in Madison. The next class will begin in January 2018.  For several years I have been teaching a Weaving Class at The Clearing in Door County.  The Clearing, a folk school, was started by Jens Jensen and is based on the Scandinavian philosophy of enrichment through art and nature.  The next class “The Joy of Weaving – Open Studio” is scheduled for the week of August 5, 2018.  Locally, I continue working with the weavers at Oakwood Village Retirement Community. 
My handwovens are available at art fairs and at my studio on Merrill Springs Road in Madison.


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